Our Core Beliefs

As we began rolling out our new venture, writing down our core values became increasingly important. Anyone joining our team, or partners aspiring to work with us, needed to understand where we stood on key issues.
After a lot of soul searching, we distilled our core beliefs into a list of nine.
Become an agent of change
Half Life wants to build a better world. We show up for work every day to do what little we can to change the world around us for the better. Do something everyday that inspires someone to join us or compete with us.
Breakdown barriers both internal and external. Change is never easy. We will learn to not resist it, but also not let it pass unchallenged and unchecked.
Be Passionate
Passion can be a contagion. We will inspire those around us with our sheer passion for every new venture we undertake.
We believe in hard work. Don’t ever lose your sense of urgency. Put in the extra time and effort to get the job done.
Never Settle. There is no value in good-enough. In the face of obstacles, we will be agile, creative and innovative.
Be Frugal
Half Life is a startup. We embrace startup culture. As an organization, we channel our resources towards goals we’re most passionate about; innovating, happiness and bringing about social good.
Strive to do more with less. When you’re off to make big waves, every rupee counts. Don’t be wasteful and use your ingenuity to be as economical as possible.
Be Adventurous
Take risks. Half Life is a grand experiment and a leap of faith; on the belief that empowering creative and innovative minds leads to superior products, amazing breakthroughs and ultimately a better world. We will constantly build platforms for such minds to take risks uninhibited.
Challenge the status quo. Every great innovation starts from refusing to accept things as they are. Be adventurous as you pursue your next disruptive change. Think big.
Better Yourself
Half Life believes in continuous learning. Learn something new everyday. Half Life instills a culture of infinite possibilities. We don’t lock ourselves into meaningless titles and bureaucracies that limit agility.
Be humble with your accomplishments. There’s always something to learn and improve upon; often from where you least expect it. Listen to your users, peers and especially those least technical; they have the most to teach us.
Become a Positive Force
We make data driven decisions. In the face of doubt and ambiguity, we strive to identify and treat root causes and not get distracted by symptoms.
Be a force of positive influence on those around you. Never become a cynic or pessimist that discourages others from their pursuit of change.
Be Open and Honest
We embrace diversity in opinions, thoughts, and backgrounds. The more widespread and diverse your relationships are, the bigger the positive impact you can make at our organization, and the more value you create towards our vision.
Open yourself towards others’ opinions. We often better ourselves by questioning our own beliefs.
Be honest with yourself, the organization and your peers. We value honesty here at Half Life above all else. You are often entrusted with intellectual property, sensitive information and the privacy of our users; your honesty and integrity is paramount.
Be Inclusive
We believe in equality. All Half Life team members are expected to respect all ethnicities, sexual orientations and religious beliefs. Intolerance and racism has no place in our team.
Half Life wants to be an organization that speaks many languages, respects all religious beliefs and come from diverse backgrounds. We are a multicultural workplace. Half Life actively strives to hire individuals from a variety of cultural, language and ethnic backgrounds.
Half Life strongly believes in gender equality. We enforce equal pay and equal opportunity between men and women.
Be Humane
Standup for human rights. Every team member shall preserve the human rights of every individual and the community.
All innovation must lead to the betterment of humanity. We must recognize that not all innovation is positive. Therefore we must always question the consequences of our inventions and steer clear from that which is hostile.